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Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Foundation

Organization Mission

The primary organization safeguarding and improving the lives of local domestic animals is the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. With an intake exceeding 5,000 animals a year, SCCAS has a bedrock of municipal funding for core services such as animal control, licensing, rabies vaccinations, housing for strays and surrenders, and intervention in animal abuse cases.

Independent funding is required for SCCAS’s key preventive initiatives. This is where the SCCAS Foundation comes in. Our staff and volunteers provide a safe haven for pets in need 365 days a year with spay/neuter clinics, training classes, humane education, community outreach, and ability to respond to emergency circumstances. Our goal is to help fund special projects, and to ensure program stability, creativity, and flexibility.

The Big Idea 2022:
Creating A More Humane Community

Those of us who saw Disney’s Lady and the Tramp as children grew up in an era when the term “Dog Pound” conjured up images of a dank prison where hapless strays and abandoned animals met a sad fate. Fortunately, the work of caring for domestic animals has undergone enormous change since then, thanks to education and enlightened attitudes.

Shelters such as the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter have become comprehensive centers that set important “best practices” standards in animal welfare, helping to create a more humane community. Our current campus expansion continues this mission by increasing our free and low cost spay/neuter services and focusing on other preventative programs that keep animals out of the Shelter.

Thank you to the SCCAS staff for the excellent care in the adoption of a cat, Hunter! The staff was extremely helpful and welcoming. The volunteers in the Adoption room give animals the tools they need to succeed, making Hunter’s transition to his forever home possible.

Linda F., Santa Cruz

We’re In This Together

Nonprofits are more important that ever in this trying time. Santa Cruz Gives! was created to support the local nonprofit community's Big Ideas (and programs). And thanks to your participation and generosity, Santa Cruz Gives! raised over $1.10 million for 82 local nonprofits in 2021.

SCGives! has now raised and contributed over $36 million dollars since its inception Seven years ago. That’s astounding. And wonderful. Thank you to all our Partners, Sponsors, nonprofit Board Directors, staff and volunteers — and each of our 1,455 donors. We did it, together.

Santa Cruz Gives! 2022 campaign kicks off in early November


The 2022 Santa Cruz Gives! RFP (for applying nonprofits) is due by Tuesday, September 7 and organizations will be notified of their application status Sept. 22-24. Santa Cruz Gives! 2022 campaign kicks off in early November.