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December 31

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Foundation

Organization Mission

In Santa Cruz County, the primary organization safeguarding the lives of domestic animals is the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. With an intake exceeding 5,000 animals per year, SCCAS has municipal funding only for core services such as animal control, licensing, rabies vaccinations, housing for strays and surrenders, and intervention in abuse cases.

Preventive initiatives—spay/neuter clinics, training classes, humane education, and community outreach—require independent funding. We have created a foundation to help ensure program stability, expand proven preventive outreach, and fund special projects.

The Big Idea:

According to the 2017-18 National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of county residents have at least one pet, adding up to more than 200,000 companion animals. The county’s mandatory spay/neuter law for dogs and cats has little effect without affordable services for families who cannot afford the cost.

SCCAS seeks to double its clinic space for low-cost spay/neuter services, as these services are one of the most effective ways to curtail the tragic flow of unwanted dogs and cats. The shelter population has dropped each year, but limited space leaves SCCAS with long waiting lists that have the effect of turning folks away. Please join us in expanding the number of animals that can be treated.

Spay/neuter saves lives. I’ve worked in animal rescue for many years. SCCAS is one of the best in terms of compassion, commitment, community service and quality of care.

Joan E. DeNeffe, Santa Cruz