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Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Foundation

Organization Mission

The purpose of the all-volunteer Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Foundation is to raise charitable dollars in support of the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. The Shelter is the county’s sole “open-admission” facility, which means NO animal is ever turned away!

Our Foundation’s work advances the Shelter’s goal of being a humane resource for the community by providing a safety net and second chance for local animals. It offers protective custody, handles abuse cases, houses strays and surrenders, and even assumes guardianship of abandoned and maltreated farm animals.

The Big Idea 2024:
Support Access to Vet Care!

Our aim is to improve access to veterinary care for the neediest animals in Santa Cruz County. This desperately needed veterinary care (including improved access to spay/neuter services through our Planned PetHood program) increases quality of health, reduces homelessness and overpopulation, and saves lives.

We welcome your partnership in improving the lives of animals in our county! We have long embraced the principle that our work doesn’t start or end at the shelter’s doors: It is community-based, carried out by field officers, shelter staff, volunteers, business partners, and the grateful communities we serve. SCCASF provides critical services for the most helpless animals in our community through our many progressive programs.

The programs and the staff here mean so much to me. I wouldn't have been able to give Molly the care she deserved and I wouldn't have been able to find safe housing for both of us. I couldn't have done this without you.

Molly, the dog’s Dad