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Senior Network Services

Organization Mission

We are a 50-year-old local nonprofit that provides older adults and persons with disabilities the information, guidance, services and assistance with coordinating resources to promote independence and a high quality of life. Recognizing that older adults seek to remain in their homes and communities with which they are most familiar, SNS offers care management, family caregiver support, home help, respite assistance and senior housing services. We also provide Medicare counseling and Medi-Cal guidance and services.

The Big Idea 2024:
Giving to Seniors in Need

This program is designed to fill the gap in traditional support services with direct cash grants. We engage daily with older adults in our community who face poverty, hunger and homelessness. We know these individuals, their needs and struggles, and can be your link to ensure your gift has maximum impact.

An older adult who needs bedding, a new walker, or transportation passes for doctor appointments are a few of our requests. We encounter many serious problems with low-cost solutions that older adults are simply unable to fix. Our average payment is $250. The problems we quickly solve come without bureaucratic delays. Your donation can support a wheelchair repair, a new pair of shoes, compression socks that relieve neuropathy, glasses to replace a pair that broke, or medicine for someone whose budget only covers minimal food. An individual in the twilight of life is worthy of this help.

I was hopeless without the help of Senior Network Services. Living in my RV and sleeping on the floor of it following back surgery, caused me great, great pain and nearly made me an invalid until SNS purchased a bed and mattress, as well as sheets and pillows to allow me to get off the floor.

Cathy K.