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Seymour Marine Discovery Center

    Organization Mission

    The Seymour Marine Discovery Center is dedicated to educating people about the role scientific research plays in the understanding and conservation of the world’s oceans.

    The Big Idea 2024:
    Bienvenidos Al Centro Seymour
    Welcome To The Seymour Center

    In October, the Seymour Center unveiled a new look and set of interactive experiences. When you visit, you will discover the science behind the extraordinary and unusual natural events we are experiencing in Santa Cruz County. You’ll leave with an understanding of the real solutions that heroes in our community are advancing and what you can do to make them happen.

    Visitors discover nature-based solutions that may help us prevent the kind of urban flooding that happened in Pájaro, human infrastructure that can help animals move through our cities more freely, and local companies working to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean.

    To serve our community, our new exhibits are bilingual. The next step, that this project will support, is to translate the aquarium into Spanish and bring bilingual programming to Seymour Center visitors. We receive 65,000 annually!

    Seymour Center is a worthy institution, and we're fortunate to have it in our community.

    Pamela I.