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Wings Homeless Advocacy

Organization Mission

Wings Homeless Advocacy is committed to living out our values of compassion, dignity and respect for all people by uniting our community to be volunteer advocates for those moving out of homelessness and onto a path of healing.

Moving out of homelessness isn’t an event — it’s a journey. Wings focuses on two critical steps in that journey:

We help people overcome barriers to housing and we provide the newly housed with basic needs for health, hygiene, and dignity. Working with case managers from over a dozen support agencies in Santa Cruz County, we safely connect our volunteers with people experiencing homelessness to help them obtain the resources needed to become housed and self-sufficient.

The Big Idea 2022:
Rehousing Wave: Welcome Home

The County of Santa Cruz provided safe shelter and critical services to more than 800 residents who lacked housing during the pandemic. With state funding for these shelters ending, many of those 800 people need permanent housing or they will fall into homelessness again.

Join Wings and the rest of the Homeless Action Partnership to help us prevent homelessness for everyone exiting these quarantine shelters. The effort is called the Rehousing Wave and Wings is proud to be an integral part by providing basic needs to people transitioning into permanent housing.

When you donate to our project, you help to provide beds, hygiene and cleaning supplies, and vital documents services to families and individuals. With no building expenses, only 1.5 full-time equivalent staff and 50 volunteers, we demonstrate the power of community in action.

Join the Wave with Wings!

I want to thank you again, Larry, so much. Be sure to let everyone involved with this outreach know how much I appreciate having a bed to sleep in. It'll help me get more rest so I can continue to work my job. God bless you and all and Godspeed to you.

Michael, Santa Cruz

We’re In This Together

Nonprofits are more important that ever in this trying time. Santa Cruz Gives! was created to support the local nonprofit community's Big Ideas (and programs). And thanks to your participation and generosity, Santa Cruz Gives! raised over $1.10 million for 82 local nonprofits in 2021.

SCGives! has now raised and contributed over $36 million dollars since its inception Seven years ago. That’s astounding. And wonderful. Thank you to all our Partners, Sponsors, nonprofit Board Directors, staff and volunteers — and each of our 1,455 donors. We did it, together.

Santa Cruz Gives! 2022 campaign kicks off in early November


The 2022 Santa Cruz Gives! RFP (for applying nonprofits) is due by Tuesday, September 7 and organizations will be notified of their application status Sept. 22-24. Santa Cruz Gives! 2022 campaign kicks off in early November.