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Ecology Action Santa Cruz

Organization Mission

Ecology Action is passionately driven to equitably empower individuals, businesses, and communities to take actions today to address the climate crisis.

Ecology Action was founded in Santa Cruz in 1970 to address our most pressing environmental programs. We have helped our region lead the nation in environmental sustainability. We believe solving the climate crisis is possible with solutions available today for the highest emitting greenhouse gas sectors: transportation, food retail, and water and energy use in commercial buildings.

Our initiatives include: Bike Month/Bike Challenge, Safe Routes to Schools/Bike Smart/Walk Smart, EVs for Everyone/EVs para Todos, Electric Vehicle Charging for multifamily residences and small businesses, Electric Vehicle STEM education, Clean Mobility Initiatives for under-resourced communities, Climate Victory Gardens, Sustainable food retail, and Commercial energy efficiency.

The Big Idea 2023:
Youth Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education for All

Imagine a majority of Santa Cruz County students walking and biking to school safely, wearing helmets and knowing how to negotiate intersections — less exhaust, less greenhouse gas emission, fewer families making pick-up and drop offs, healthier, active, confident, happy kids.

At Ecology Action, we work to make this a reality by delivering cutting edge school-based programs that teach life-saving bike and pedestrian safety skills to elementary students taught by nationally certified, bi-lingual educators: Walk Smart and Bike Smart.

This program’s great success has inspired an expansion of our offerings with a focus on equity and accessibility by providing bikes directly to students who need it most. By facilitating the right training and boosting student skills, confidence, and access, we believe we can increase safe biking and walking to schools — a benefit for the entire community.

Absolutely wonderful. Engaging. The instructors kept the kids’ interest. I was so impressed with these teachers. I highly recommend this program and think it is so important to educate children about this. The teachers also set standards before presenting and set guidelines for proper behavior. THANK YOU!

Teacher Johnston, 5th grade, Bay View Elementary