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If you have walked on a clean beach, enjoyed a park, attended an arts or music event live or on zoom, adopted a pet, received health care services, or enrolled a child in an activity—you have encountered the good work of numerous local nonprofits.

Often the benefits are not visible—when the work prevents or mitigates negative impacts. One thing is certain:  Our community would be far less desirable without the dedication of these groups, driven only by a desire to improve our collective circumstances.

We vetted and selected 40 valuable local nonprofits and created a platform to make it easy for you to browse, donate and help make our community an even better place to live.

Join us this holiday season!

Three $1,000 awards sponsored by Oswald Restaurant
will be granted for:
Most Donors | Most Innovative Program
| Most Creative Campaign

We Did It!

The 2020 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2021!