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December 31

Every Child Outdoors Foundation

Organization Mission

The Every Child Outdoors Foundation is founded on the principle of equity that all students should have the opportunity to experience environmental and outdoor education regardless of financial circumstances. We reduce financial barriers to outdoor education for students in Santa Cruz County.

The Big Idea:
Every Child Outdoors Scholarship Program

Santa Cruz County’s Outdoor Science School, affectionately known as “science camp,” has been a rite of passage for elementary school students for more than 50 years. However, the program is fee-based and many students lack the means to participate.

With your support, in 2019 the Every Child Outdoors Scholarship Program will provide financial assistance toward fees to approximately 1,000 local 5th grade students. When students spend a week living and learning with classmates in the Santa Cruz Mountains, many report feeling more connected to nature and more comfortable in nature, more interested in science, and more likely to work to help the environment in their community. Students say they felt calm in the forest, they realized science could be fun, and they can better take on challenges.

Teachers have observed that the camp is “life-changing” and “an essential milestone.”

 The most important thing I learned is to be outside more and explore more about nature. At first I didn’t like going outside but now that I went on hikes I feel like I should do more. I like how the trees are tall and how we learned from them.

5th Grade Student, Mintie White Elementary, Watsonville