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Santa Cruz Chamber Players

Organization Mission

Our mission is to promote live chamber music and to provide performance opportunities for local professional musicians. Santa Cruz Chamber Players is the only local performing arts group devoted to chamber music, and fills an important niche in our arts-loving community with inspirational quality, intimate music by small musical groups.

The Big Idea:
Music From Around the World — Musicians From Around the Corner

Traditional chamber music is composed for a small group of instruments, representing a variety of sounds. Our concert seasons incorporate music from a wide span of time periods, genres, and cultural influences. Chamber music concerts have existed for hundreds of years and are growing in popularity—including here in your own backyard!

Santa Cruz Chamber Players provides six concert pairs per season. To develop a wider audience, we’d like to bring an informative presentation to schools and other groups to showcase the concerts. By inviting the musicians to meet with potential audience members, we hope to excite and enrich the audience experience. This will be done by a performance with a historical talk; musical examples; a sampling of the upcoming program; and a Q&A.

We emphasize selecting quality local musicians but what makes our programs exceptional is that the performers select their favorite music, which leads to a diverse program year after year. The nature of the small group of performers is very accessible to first-time audience members and long-time fans alike, and many of our concerts include a conversation which makes each concert engaging.

Chamber music also develops more versatile musicians. Because the music includes many genres and styles, players learn beyond the standard literature. They develop strong listening skills, because they can hear the totality beyond their own part in great detail, and must hear every detail, as the music is usually performed without a conductor.

I have been amazed with the variety and quality of the concerts. SCCP has a unique way of selecting the programs that includes musicians in an utterly supportive way. You may be hearing a new World Premiere or a favorite Schubert — but you will be pleased either way!

Kevin Jordan, Wildcoast Brass

We Did It!

The 2019 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2020!