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Santa Cruz County Friends of the Rail & Trail

Friends of the Rail & Trail

Organization Mission

Our mission is to promote, support, and enable the development of a rail with trail transportation system in Santa Cruz County.

The Big Idea:
Help us Build the Trail!

Imagine a community where thousands bike to work and school each day separately from car traffic. We can imagine it, and we don’t have to go to Europe to find it. Here in Santa Cruz County, a 32-mile paved bicycling and walking path along the coast from Davenport to Watsonville is underway, and you can help us finish this project.

This big-picture legacy project will benefit hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors for decades to come. It will set an example for other environmentally progressive cities to follow. With unparalleled coastal views and proximity to local schools, beaches and towns, the Rail Trail will provide substantial environmental, health, economic, and quality of life benefits for the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay regions for generations.

If you look at the [rail] corridor currently, it just isn’t a safe place. It’s a 40-foot-wide corridor of land through our county that is off the map for our community. Kids don’t feel comfortable walking here. If we could reclaim this for our neighborhood, it would be a cleaned-up spot that we could use to ride across town. For the people living around here, it’s a pretty exciting project.

— Matt Niswonger, Live Oak resident; publisher of Adventure Sports Journal; father of three young children.