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Village Santa Cruz County

Organization Mission

Village Santa Cruz County (The Village) is a nonprofit, peer-to-peer support network, transforming how we age in our communities, through connection with others who value aging as a meaningful stage of life in which growth, social connections, learning, and activity continue to flourish.

Area-based Community Circles within The Village provide a venue where members can develop trusted, supportive relationships, helping each other, socializing, and learning from each other as they face the future with increased confidence and assurance.
Village-wide Interest Groups provide a setting for members to pursue their specific interests within small groups.

The Big Idea 2023:
Establish a Latino-lead Watsonville Village Community Circle

The Village is the only program in Santa Cruz County that combines social and assistance needs, and interacts with seniors at the neighborhood level. Village Community Circle members identify and build their activities around the specific wishes and needs in their area.

We’d like to establish our first Latino-led Community Circle. This will involve conversational meetings with leaders and the senior Latino population, so we learn how a Village Circle can best work for the Latino community.

The Village runs mainly on volunteerism and a sliding scale membership fee. But establishing a new Circle requires outside funds. With your donations we can conduct outreach, translate our publications into Spanish, and employ a part-time Spanish-speaking person experienced in working with older, local Latinos.

I recently sustained a pelvic fracture as the result of a fall, and my Village friends were so supportive. From being picked up and brought home from the ER, to home visits, phone calls, some meals and offers to shop, I felt loved and cared about. The Village concept works! Thank you, everyone!

Sandy Cohen