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Warming Center Program

Organization Mission

To reduce the experience of hypothermia and the occurrence of death within the population of those who sleep outside, to identify basic unmet needs of homelessness, and to build and operate programs to meet those needs in as efficient and well-run a manner as possible.

The Big Idea 2023:
No One Freezes This Winter

We as community members, take it upon ourselves to provide warmth: A well-stocked, safe and clean warming center when temperature forecasts drop below 38° or rain is expected to exceed 1″.

On all other nights of winter, In addition to our donation barrel program, we’ll purchase 2,000 blankets for distribution plus 500 for the pop-up shelter (2 for each person), and provide laundry after each shelter use. We’ll hand out 5,000 hand warmers; 1,500 knit gloves & beanie combos; and as many as 200 rain tarps and 500 rain ponchos, depending on rainfall.

After 9 years in operation, this emergency pop-up program offers critical shelter and has served many thousands of people whose only alternative would be a doorway or tent. Local homeless shelters are filled and feature long waiting lists.

Without the Warming Center, most of us would've already frozen out here. We need this, and more of the community to help to support it.

Eve, Homeless in Santa Cruz