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Valley Churches United

Valley Churches United

Organization Mission

From its very beginning, in the aftermath of the devastating winter storms of 1982, Valley Churches United has been a source of help during a disaster, a temporary crisis or simply a hard time for residents throughout San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley and Bonny Doon in their time of need.

As we do not receive government funding, our four staff members rely on the incredible support of donors, daily volunteers, and a board of directors to implement a year-round food pantry as well as crisis rent, mortgage, utility and disaster assistance, holiday food drives, and more to qualified clients in need.


The Big Idea:
Expanding Fresh and Nutritious Food Choices

Valley Churches United recognizes the growing need of our clients to access our food pantry year round to supplement their monthly shortfalls of food and other living expenses. Our goal is to provide more healthy food choices, which adds costs for increased quantities of food as well as quality in fresh, perishable foods. We see many clients who cannot afford healthy food options and we aim to be their safety net for these choices which will improve overall health and reduce future health care costs.

There are few nonprofits that assist the Santa Cruz Mountain communities, and there is a strong need for support services to our neighbors who live there.

When people go to Valley Churches United in their time of need, they are helped in a variety of ways. Imagine you are desperately drowning, and then unexpectedly somebody pulls you up from the bottom. That support and hope is what Valley Churches does for families and clients in crisis all year round.

Dolores Young, Boulder Creek (Grandmother)