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Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos

Organization Mission

Our mission is to promote multicultural social justice, nonviolence, and economic equity through cultural healing, civic leadership, and youth and community development.

For over 44 years Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos has provided resources — gang deterrence programs, violence prevention programs, transitional parole/probation programs, vocational training, a cultural center, events, NA and AA, Anger Management, Walter Guzman Retreat Center, clothing, food, housing, and connections — from Watsonville to Santa Cruz, and up to the mountains of Santa Cruz, SC Barrios Unidos has been there for our locals in need of a hand up.

The Big Idea 2023:
BU Audio & Video Engineering

We are excited about teaching kids to edit videos and to record their own music because we can give the youth skills that can grow into a future career as a video director, musician, music engineer, and more, as well as explore their creativity.

We need to upgrade our music studio (audio and video recording equipment, and instruments). We also need updated computers, mixing boards, and cameras. We have one part-time staff person but would ideally like to have two for this program.
In the longer term, we would like to expand and offer this education to our local community.

I was able to be truly free from all worries. I did not think I would be ok without cell reception. But we did hikes, and traditional cultural training that I never thought I would like. It was great.

Anonymous youth, Women's Youth Leadership Retreat 2022, held at our property in the Aptos mountains (Walter Guzman Retreat Center)