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December 31

Yoga For All Movement

Organization Mission

Yoga For All Movement is on a mission to make yoga accessible to all in Santa Cruz County. We define accessible as equity. To us, equitable yoga is physically safe, trauma-informed, culturally competent and affordable, as well as available for all regardless of race, socioeconomic status, age, gender, size or legal status.

We are teaching yoga to individuals in incarceration, youth in alternative education school settings, survivors of domestic violence, and adults experiencing homelessness, to name a few.

The Big Idea:
Mindfulness Initiative in Alternative Education

We are a volunteer yoga collective that teaches yoga countywide, and is collaborating with the County Office of Education to create a mindfulness initiative that will include at least five alternative education schools to receive the gift of yoga and mindfulness classes for students.

After strong results with Sequoia School this past year, we want to expand services to include more youth in alternative education as a means for increasing emotional regulation, empowerment and self reliance, and to give tools to youth to increase coping skills when so much else feels beyond their control.

I feel like I can be more positive throughout my day after yoga, not so angry. I felt like by learning how to breathe in different parts of my body, I could turn the mind off for a minute. I always felt more relaxed throughout the day after yoga.

Ashley, former student at Sequoia School, Watsonville